The Assasins Grace

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The Assasins Grace Empty The Assasins Grace

Post  Marluxia on Sun Oct 14, 2007 2:50 am

Mp Cost: 5mp but can only use after every one post.

Damage: Zero

Spells Effects: Using His very own Grace, Marluxia can dodge attacks at highspeeds, mostly he moves so fast that only a few petals can be seen were he once stood. Marluxia uses this technic a lot of the time to confuse he foes, and also to kill them.

Description of spell: Marluxia The Graceful Assasin, has a reason for his name. He shows passion and grace in his fighting, moving at high speeds to avoid and strike the enemy. When he uses the Grace of the Assasin, he shows much speed, making him able to dodge attacks that are thrown at him.

Spells History: Throughout his life, Marluxia has used this move to dodge countless attacks, he also tends to use this move to strike enemys without them seeing him.

Spell Requirements: The Rose Of Nobodies

Long/Short Range: Both Realy

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The Assasins Grace Empty Re: The Assasins Grace

Post  Xecivien on Sun Oct 14, 2007 4:02 am



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