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He is small and has big ears, Sometimes he would wear a black cloak to conceal his ID; his Fur is Black But his face is a creamy type of colour. Under his robe he wears a red Jaket.
He is very Outgoing and wants to go on many Adventures.
He is strong with his Keyblade, And due to his size he is very fast allowing him to move around faster.
He cares about Minny and his freinds alot, So if they got hurt he woudln't live with himself.
Mickey first appears to help Sora to fend off the Nobodies that attacked them in Twilight Town in Organization attire. After the battle, he handed Sora a money pouch and instructed him to visit his mentor, Yen Sid. Yen Sid revealed that Mickey's reasons for leaving Disney Castle in the first game was to investigate the mysterious outbreak of Heartless and the more mysterious Organization. Mickey makes several appearences throughout the game, and is even playable when Sora is defeated in certain boss battles. He wields an alternate version of the Kingdom Key.

At Hollow Bastion, Mickey revealed the truth about Ansem, but was relucant to reveal any info on Riku. He then aides the group in fending off the Heartless that Maleficent has summoned to destroy Radiant Garden. When he and Sora confront Xemnas, he jumps after Xemnas into the dark portal, but since he appears later in Twilight Town, it is apparent that he could not follow Xemnas all the way.

When Sora meets him in Twilight Town, they find a way into the World That Never Was through the Virtual Twilight Town DiZ had created. When they enter the world, Mickey goes ahead of Sora to look for Ansem the Wise. He eventually finds him, and rescues him from death. Ansem then attempts to use his machine to convert Kingdom Hearts into data, but was unsuccessful, and died when the machine exploded. Mickey then confronts Xemnas with Sora, and Riku, and watches as Xemnas opens Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas then blocks out King Mickey from participating in the final fight..
Chronicals of Darkness - KeyBlade.
AlternateKingdomKey - KeyBlade.

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