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Name: Sirius
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Home World: Twilight Town
Race/Species: Human

Sirius has black hair, with a shade of dark blue with in it. His eyes and brown, verging over to an arguable red. His fringe reaches half way down to his eyes while the rest is shoulder lenghed. He carries various cuts and grazes on his face and down his arms and hands. He wears a black jacket much like Leon with various markings on the back which when looked carefully at forms the Heartless Emblem. He has a black short sleeved undershirt and black baggy jeans. He has a black belt around the jeans with the buckle as the Emblem of the Heartlesses. He wears black boots and gauntlets very similiar to the Thirteenth Orders.

Sirius has a rather serious character at times though prefers to be more casual. Depending on the matter Sirius shall take a different stance towards it, if serious, Sirius will go about in a serious manner. If not, Sirius will just go about it more casually. Though Sirius is vulnerable to the darkness, he manages to stick to the side of light, though in the past drifted over to the darkness. Sirius is weak in will and gives into most types of physical manipulation.
Towards friends, Sirius is casual and tends to hate being serious towards them. Sirius will tend to hide a lot of things, including his past, having the Heartless Emblems to remind him never to go back there.

Weapons: The Memories Long Forgotten

Fighting Style:
Sirius favours melee combat though is also rather skilled in ranged. Rather than mentally dominating his opponents, he'll try and attempt a quick kill, using all his energy just as the fight starts. He has mastery over elemental spells, though he quickly goes through his MP.

Sirius makes one of the best swordsman, being accustomed to it. Sirius is also an excellent mage in elemental magic, giving him the ability to pick and decide whether to use long range or short range.

Sirius is mentally weak to most types of manipulation and may also be mentally dominated very easily. His faith can easily be overcome as he is still very vulnerable to the darkness from old times. His past may also disturb him if he attempts to fight anyone from his past, making him an easy target for those who have affiliated themselves with him in their pasts.

Sirius was born in the same year as Xecivien. Sirius, like most people lived a normal life with his family up until he was 13. A cloaked figure with a weapon known as a Keyblade used the darkness to destroy our world. Sirius was lucky enough to have been sent to a world which could only be described as a 'graveyard' of Keyblades. The one who destroyed the world would soon become what you could call perhaps... a friend. Sirius was found by a group of Knights, their armour as if they were in a war. They taught me everything they knew, gave me the Keyblade I possess now, made me into what I am now.
A couple years passed, Sirius was now 15, with the strength similar to the Knights, was now considered one of them. He'd been fighting off these beings named 'Heartlesses'. Those whose heart have been consumed by darkness. At 15, is when he came again; he being the robed man from Twilight Town. He killed each of the Knights effortlessly, his speed was extraordinary, his strength wasn't human. As he finished the final Knight, he seemed to have recognised Sirius, making an offer to train him further. Xecivien. The name the robed man went by, claiming to be someone lost with in his own lust and greed. He spoke as if... he was a friend, not an enemy. He trained me as an Apprentice, he made me carry out his will, defeating the Keyblade Knights along with him. He taught me how to use the darkness, and I did as he said.
16, now the same age as each other, Sirius felt as if he hadn't learnt anything about Xecivien at all... Why he did all this, why he continues to do it... Perhaps it was made clear when Xecivien spoke of defeating the Keyblade Master, claiming the title himself... Perhaps he wanted to be known as the strongest... perhaps he wanted something else, none of that is any clearer than when we first met. There was only one thing to do... somehow advance to the future, near enough to see what Xecivien's plan was. Sirius, with the help of some Knights, kept Sirius 'asleep' for many years, which he has only just awoken...
On his 17th Birthday, we reawoke. The Keyblade War has ended long ago... Keyblades were the only legend which remained from it... All that was remembered was 'The Keyblade could save the world or bring destruction upon it'. The Keyblade Wielders seemed to have grown... Perhaps another war is on its way... Perhaps Xecivien is an overseerer of these wars... Perhaps it's something else... As the war draws closer, Sirius saw that he was the only one who had the power to stop it, and now will take action... Xecivien believes Sirius is dead, perhaps Xecivien is just a survivor, having nothing to do with any of this...


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