Dezun ;; The Master of Bows.

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Dezun ;; The Master of Bows. Empty Dezun ;; The Master of Bows.

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Name ; Dezun
Age ; 16
Gender ; Male
Race/Species ; Human

Appearance ; Dezun wears a dark midnight blue type of robe, it flows down nealty to the floor, but doesnt get in the way as Dezun treds. The robes look black but at certain angles it looks like a deep blue. Dezun has wierd markings on the back of his robe, it covers the whole of the back section. The robe has a long zip from the bottom up to the top near the neck and also has a hood which shadows Dezun's face when worn. He has a striking fringe that comes down to his eyebrows just about covering them, the top of his hair is spiked upwards, as the back is spiked outwards. His hair is a dark brown kind of colour, he has sharp dark brown eyes.
Under his robes he has a black zip up jacket with long sleeves, his trousers are a bit like jeans but are quite baggy and hang low to the ground, they are also black. His shoes are unseen all the time.

Personality ; Dezun's personality can be serious at sometimes, but humourous at others.
When angry he is definately a different person, and gets too serious.

Strengths ; As he is with the dark, he has the power to open up to the corridoors of darkness ect.
Friendships and Relationships help him alot, as he mostly fights for friendship and for friends, it gives him something to make him stronger.

Weakness ; Although Friendship helps him alot, he struggles to gain friends, as he is abit shy towards people to try and get them, or sometimes he's abit too out spoken. Love is also what he struggles at, as he still has a heart.

History ; Dezun grew up on destiny islands, making friends. playing with them and having a good childhood.
At the age of 8 things started to go wrong for Dezun, his father left his mother, and his mother constantly used to beat him for the most silliest reasons, as his brother was older then him, his mother used to focus on his brother, as in being kind to him ect. in the end Dezun discovered the rumours of gummi ships, his friends had left destiny islands for other places, with their families.
When Dezun was 12 he found out more about gummi ships and hangars ect. He then found one and set on a journey to nowhere. He ended up in traverse town and carried on his life from there, he still has those thoughts about his family, he don't know where they are now, and he really doesn't care, he tries to think positive at most times, When he was 14 he set on a journey towards The world that never was, and built a home and set there for the rest of his life. At the age of 15 he discovered that he could use the corridoors of darkness, which lured him into the darkness, his history of his dad and mum, made it worse, he started to break down at sometimes, but now he acts as if he has no emotions and is mistaken for a nobody, he feels comforted by concealing his identity, and only shows his face to the ones he calls friends.

Weapon(s) ; Bow of the Unknown.


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Dezun ;; The Master of Bows. Empty Re: Dezun ;; The Master of Bows.

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