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Post  Hakamoto. on Mon Oct 15, 2007 1:04 am

As Hakamoto entered the graveyard, He saw some knights there quickly hiding behind a rock he grinned, as He summoned his armour in a flash of gold aura and both his keyblades he walked into the graveyard.. The knights stoptted him. Smirking a Helmelt fell to his head. The visor fell and he stanced; Blocking on of there attacks another came in. He then side stepped causing one of the knights to attack the other. Smirking he threw his fatal crest at one, Hitting the helmet hard it cracked it well. Gripping his fenrir he ran in slicing the armour, Eventually breaking it off he sliced them in the gut. Making one of them dropped down wounded he looked at the other two. Smirking he placed his hand Forward, Muttering some words keyblades appeared around there necks, Spinning around it sliced there necks, then the keyblades slammed into them.. Making them drop to the floor as the keyblades dissipatated. Smirking he grabbed his fatal crest and left.


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