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Post  Sirius on Mon Oct 15, 2007 11:30 am

Name: Words of Judgement
Type of Weapon: Keyblade
Primary/Secondary: Secondary

The Keyblade has the ability to detect the presence of Darkness within an opponent and strengthen the power of light within itself.

If the opponent has a presence of darkness, the Keyblade shall produce a light aura around the Keyblade and it's wielder, giving the advantage over the darkness, though if used on someone from the light, the attacks will have no effect on them.

Close/long range: Close

The Keyblade was formed from Sirius's life energy. When Sirius was brought back from the Underworld, he was granted the Keyblade to help him defeat an upcoming danger which before he hadn't the power to do so. The Keyblade was specially formed for this certain occasion, being a powerful tool in Sirius's fight to prevent the next Keyblade war.


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Sirius;;Words of Judgement Empty Re: Sirius;;Words of Judgement

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