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Post  Sirius on Mon Oct 15, 2007 11:49 am

Spells Name: Focus Light
MP Cost: 25 mp
Damage: 20 hp, 30 if they're heartless
Spells Effect: Light Damage

Spells Description:
The spell concentrates on the light aura of the Keyblade 'Words of Judgement' and converts it into an attack, weakening those who have darkness within them. The spell has no effect on the amount of darkness within them, it just measures the darkness within a person, making the light have a greater damage on them. A ball of light is formed within the free hand and can be sent at a target.

Spells History:
The spell was learnt as Sirius first got his Keyblade, Words of Judgement, making it easier for him to defeat the darkness which now comes against the worlds. When Hakamoto killed Sirius, Sirius has granted another life with a Keyblade to guide him. This is the second Keyblade Sirius has acquired but this spell may only be used when Sirius has only the Words of Judgement summoned.

Spell Requirments:
Words of Judgement Keyblade

Long range, or short range: Long Ranfe


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