Dezun ; The True Darkness.

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Dezun ; The True Darkness. Empty Dezun ; The True Darkness.

Post  Dezun on Mon Oct 15, 2007 2:46 pm

Spells Name: The True Darkness.
MP Cost: 20
Damage: 50
Spells Effect: Damage & Knock out.

Spells Description:
Dezun can Consume a Single Arrow or more if he wishes in darkness, and then release them into the heart of an enemy, It Knocks the person out if The roll of a dice is even, and causes damage, If not even It still hits but doesn't knock them out.

Spells History:
Dezun gained this ability after his Mastery of Bows, He realised if he could combine darkness and a Single Arrow he could knock someone out and hurt them badly. He then realised he could only use it when it was dark.

Spell Requirments:
Only Usable in Dark.
Mastery Of Bows.

Long range, or short range: Long Range & Short.


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