Sora's Fenrir (Wolf)

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Sora's Fenrir (Wolf) Empty Sora's Fenrir (Wolf)

Post  Sora on Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:01 pm

Name: Fenrir

Type: Wolf (Enlarged)

Requirements: Oblivion Keyblade, Any form used at least once

Magic Cost: All

Quantity: 1

Description: Summons Fenrir from Norse Mythology. It's basically a huge wolf that can crush mountains. Chainns cannot hold it. This is not the keyblade Fenrir.

Capabilities: Enemy must roll dice for damage then roll again if it hits. roll 1=fire attack 2=lightning 3=water 4=physical 5=earth 6=aerial.

History:I rescued it from The Glepner that is the magical ribbon that held it. I then destroyed the Glepnir so it will never hold him again. It does 50 damage to other summons monsters and 20 to people.

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