Sora's Rapture Keyblade (Ultimate Weapon)

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Sora's Rapture Keyblade (Ultimate Weapon) Empty Sora's Rapture Keyblade (Ultimate Weapon)

Post  Sora on Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:05 pm

Name: Rapture Keyblade

Type of Weapon: Keyblade

Primary/Secondary: Primary (for some reason I have no secondaries...)

Enchanted: Cannot be normal summoned. Must be summoned by sacrificing 50% of total HP. Has unlimited magic uses for 0 MP. Only one magic attack per post. Cannot be damaged by weapons other than keyblades. Has secret attack "Final Blow" which destroys yourself and your enmies (not friends/allies) as the keyblade itself explodes. Undodgeble unless the last number enemy rolls is a 6.

Ability/Function: Attacking

Close/long range: close/long = both

History: Was gained after defeating Terra the Enigmatic Warrior in the Desert in KHIIFM+.

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