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He has smooth skin on his face; He has long black silky hair which is short and slightly stuck up, He has Gold armour with Trimming on the edges, The armour is modify to Summon onto his body when he likes but he only wars it when going into battle.

he is very Exited with Life He's Itching to see more of the world and he seems to be abit Fearless, The only thing that fears him is Xemnas and Xecivien.. He's very sporty and athletic.

Good with hand-to-Hand combat style, He was a blackbelt at the age of 14 after he gained blackbelt and got kicked out of the org, ANBU then realised his talent and Brought him in, He was once leader of ANBU Squad, but left for Keyblade Knight. He now Owns with his Keyblade(s)

He hates to be lonely, and Hated. to his Disadvantage he cares for certain freinds, abit to much, and if they'd die He wouldn't be able to live with himself His other weakness is also Darkness and his Sweet tooth.

Hakamoto came from a long line of Famous warriors, he is only known to be alive in myths, Untill he's been appearing in Traverse town and has been travelling various Places, He is still on the run from the organisation XIII Who he was a former member but he's giving up running and he's now settled down in traverse town. He then went on and trained for 2 years, till he was skilled enough to join the ANBU(An Elite squad of Assasains) he is now currently being hunted by the Org, and he has traces of darkness left in him, Allowing him to faintly Manipulate the darkness. When he was training for ANBU He learnt many skills such as: Swannsaken(The energy inside of ANBU soldiers), Great long range attacks and he learnt how to use his strenght Properly. He is currently living in Tifa's House with Yuffie;Riku;Xiclone;Cloud and Ofcourse Tifa. Living a normal day-to-day life.. Or as he thinks? His brother got Assasinated by the org, at the age of 12, His mother then got trapped by Xemnas and still hasn't returned leaving his farther to raise him But his farther threw him out, onto the streets.. And he left ANBU then Joined The league of Keyblade Knights.. Which he got Exiled from. He is belived to have Aerial Blades, Like Xemnas.

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