Shades of Darkness (Keyblade)

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Shades of Darkness (Keyblade) Empty Shades of Darkness (Keyblade)

Post  Xecivien on Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:11 pm

Type of Weapon: Keyblade
Primary/Secondary: Primary

The Keyblade has power over the darkness and has a greater effect when used offensively against someone who's heart is in light.

The Keyblade may freely travel through the Corridors of Darkness, rather than travelling through the light like most Keyblades. The Keyblade can also consumes one's heart in darkness much like the Keyblade formed by the hearts of the six princesses, though it can only open one's heart to darkness and not to light.

Close/long range: Melee

Shades of Darkness was formed long ago when Xecivien was chosen to be a Keyblade Master. The Keyblade picked Xecivien for the darkness within his heart, making Xecivien the best wielder out of most. The Keyblade has served a long history, being formed from the same darkness all Heartlesses were formed by. The Keyblade is different from most as it only picks a wielder who's heart is consumed by darkness. The Keyblade picks its wielders carefully, acknowledging their strengths, weaknesses, hates, loves and to what extent their heart has been consumed. The keyblade picked Xecivien as his only love is fighting, his hate being everything else and his heart next to completely consumed. The Keyblade now shares the path of Xecivien, following in whatever Xecivien decides though evermore continually pushing Xecivien further into the darkness.


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Shades of Darkness (Keyblade) Empty Re: Shades of Darkness (Keyblade)

Post  Riku on Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:25 pm


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