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Circle of Ordeals Empty Circle of Ordeals

Post  Xecivien on Sat Oct 13, 2007 6:21 am

Spells Name: Circle of Ordeals
MP Cost: 20 MP
Damage: 20 HP Damage
Spells Effect: Damage.

Spells Description:
The spell summons twenty Keyblades from the light around the target forming a circle and pushes them in by manipulating the Keyblades movement towards the targets. As the Keyblades hit the target, they dissipate back into the light a few seconds after. The Keyblades are from previous wielders who died during the Keyblade war.

Spells History:
A spell learnt in the past back during the Keyblade War, when Xecivien began to make a name for himself. The Keyblades of those he defeated, he kept for future uses. Eventually he gained control over the movement of the Keyblades and was able to summon multiple Keyblades at the same time. After mastering this skill and be known as the Keyblade Master after defeating Master Xehanort, he could summon well beyond what was thought possible. Though this is one of the weaker abilities he has, it still proves useful against multiple opponents.

Spell Requirements:
Keyblade Master Status

Long range, or short range: Long Range


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Circle of Ordeals Empty Re: Circle of Ordeals

Post  Hakamoto. on Sat Oct 13, 2007 6:25 am



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