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Master Xecivien;;Petrification of Fear Empty Master Xecivien;;Petrification of Fear

Post  Xecivien on Sun Oct 14, 2007 7:02 am

Spells Name: Petrification of Fear
MP Cost: 50
Damage: None
Spells Effect: Freezes the body of the Opponent

Spells Description:
The spell manipulates the magic of Blizzard and allows it freeze the body of an opponent completely. The body turns into ice, though still living, unable to move. The state eventually wears off though leaves the target extremely tired from the extreme frost inflicted on their body after the spell.

Spells History:
This spell was also learnt from Master Xehanort. When they had be affiliated, Xecivien learnt this when the two fought against a group of Knights, encasing their bodies within ice. Xecivien then slowly developed this skill, making him flawless at conducting it. He has used this against numerous Knights which he wished to preserve rather than just kill off. Many of the Knights he allowed to grow stronger before fighting them again. He eventually stopped using this spell to preserve their bodies and used it to demobilize them, making them an easier target.

Spell Requirements:
Keyblade Master Status
Mastery over Magic

Long range, or short range: Close Range


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Master Xecivien;;Petrification of Fear Empty Re: Master Xecivien;;Petrification of Fear

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