Dezun ; Ditto.

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Dezun ; Ditto. Empty Dezun ; Ditto.

Post  Dezun on Mon Oct 15, 2007 2:39 pm

Spells Name: Ditto
MP Cost: 5
Damage: 0
Spells Effect: Multiplying/Blurred Vision.

Spells Description:
It Increases the Number of Dezun's or Makes me blurred, For every odd number on the dice, I Dodge/Don't get hit or They hit the wrong person. If They don't hit 5MP Is drained after every dodge/wrong hit. If they do hit No MP is Drained.

Spells History:
Dezun discovered this when he was 10, as he was turning more to the dark, He found out he could confuse people with mind tricks ect.

Spell Requirements:


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Dezun ; Ditto. Empty Re: Dezun ; Ditto.

Post  Xecivien on Mon Oct 15, 2007 2:40 pm



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